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Section 1

Includes Waterview, the portion of Winding Ridge Trail situated west of Waterview, as well as the first lot either north or south of Winding Ridge Trail just east of Waterview, and the first lot either east or west of Rushing Wind at its junction with Winding Ridge Trail.

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Section 2 

Includes part of Winding Ridge Trail, as well as Split Ridge, Dawn Redwood, Maple Seed and the first lot on either side of El Prado at its junction with Winding Ridge.

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Section 3

Includes the southern part of Breezy Ridge Trail  to and including Water Mill Trail.

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Section 4

Is Scenic Valley Lane, Persimmon and Shady View Lane.

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Section 5

Is Dancing Light, Emerald Lane, Rising View Lane, , Mountain View Lane, and Breezy Ridge Trail north of Water Mill Trail to Persimmon.

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Section 6

Is Maple Seed

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